FAQ last updated: January 21, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

RecruitBrain gives you a client branded and SEO friendly job portal that works with your existing ATS. It is easily set up and simple to use. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Improved data quality in ATS
  • Easier to attract and manage passive candidates
  • Better communication with existing candidates
  • Daily digest emails to give glimpse into site activity
  • Tracking candidate source ROI
  • Jobs feed directly from your ATS
  • Integrated with social media

Although there are some software companies that have products where a portion is similar to RecruitBrain, our focus has been on perfecting our targeted product instead of spreading our focus.

Although we have been thinking about developing this software for many years, we founded 4Net3 three years ago and began working on RecruitBrain.

RecruitBrain is a software product developed by 4Net3, a software development company.

While our client list is confidential, we do like to share that UDig (a Richmond, VA based IT staffing firm) was our first client. Andy Frank, UDig’s Chief Operating Officer and a member of the 4net3 Advisory Board, allowed us to actively test RecruitBrain via hands-on daily use by UDig’s recruiters. We have actively collected feedback for two years and incorporated it into each rollout. We developed the product using UDig as a test case and they have battle tested it daily.

Cost varies by number of users and level of customization.

We can set up RecruitBrain in a max of two weeks. Additional customization may add additional cost and time.

Due to the time invested in setting up the product and the time it takes to build data to effectively track ROI, we request a minimum contract of 12 months.

At this time our product is compatible with Bullhorn. We’ve built the software in such a way that compatibility with other Applicant Tracking Systems should not be a difficult set up process but it will depend on each ATS’ API. Please let us know if you are interested in RecruitBrain working with your ATS.

While we do believe there is great value in the analytics of the full RecruitBrain product, due to popular demand, in 2015 we began offering just the job portal portion of RecruitBrain as an option.

We host the sites on Amazon Cloud.

We compare email addresses and telephone numbers for verification.

We currently pull open jobs every hour.

We don’t want to share all of our secrets. We have created site maps for Google and any feeds. We also use search engine friendly URLs. SEO is always an ongoing process and we continue to monitor success and make tweaks as necessary.

We use an open ID protocol to securely insure that email addresses are valid. In the case of LinkedIn, you can choose to import your resume data into your RecruitBrain profile.

The RecruitBrain Wishlist is a feature we developed to learn what candidate priorities are in their job search. If recruiters are armed with this information they are able to have more meaningful dialogue with candidates and reach out to them with opportunities that truly match their highest priorities.

A recruiter is assigned to follow up with the candidate to assess their qualifications.

Candidates receive reminder emails to update/finish their profile. Job applicants receive an email when they are marked as approved and sent to the ATS. If they are denied, they also receive an email. Both of these emails include the email address of the recruiter.

Recruiters receive three daily summary emails: 1) Candidates who have updated their Wishlist 2) Applications from the previous day 3) Pending candidates in RecruitBrain admin portal that still need to be approved or denied.

The minimum requirements are name, full address, phone number, email, and one previous position.

Currently, the customization is predominantly in the UI. We change logos and colors to match with existing client websites. Additional customization’s may be available at $150/hour.

We are projecting at least 6 updates per year but may have more. There is no additional charge for software updates.

We plan to roll out any code changes on Sunday nights.

RecruitBrain provides technical support between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday except on published holidays. On-site assistance is not provided under the standard contract but may be provided on an hourly cost basis as needed. Support activities include advising on integration activities via phone or email, deploying bug fixes, and addressing issues to the Software as reported by users.

RecruitBrain defines support issues as Code 1, 2 or 3. Code 1 is a substantial issue with no work around. Code 2 is a serious problem resulting in decreased functionality but with a work around option. Code 3 includes problems or enhancements that will be scheduled for an implementation as soon as resources have addressed all Code 1 and 2 issues.

RecruitBrain will make every effort to provide an initial response to all Code 1 issues within one hour. All other reported issues will receive an initial response within 4 hours. Initial response may be confirmation of issue, request for additional information and/or projected fix timeframe.

Kickoff training is scheduled via Webex. Specialized training is available upon request.

‘Other’ in site referrers is any source that we cannot determine. We are constantly updating and adding referrers.

Applicants receive a message indicating that the job is closed and they can no longer apply. In addition, similar job options are provided.

This process is automatic via the ATS. As employees are added and deleted in your ATS, RecruitBrain updates automatically.